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Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson


Radiation Oncologist and entrepreneur Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson has devoted her career to taking care of women. When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, Elizabeth, then a medical student at Johns Hopkins, decided to focus her career on cancer treatment. She completed her residency at Harvard Combined Program for Radiation Therapy and obtained a Masters Degree in Public Health from Harvard in 1996. She has published numerous papers on the subject of breast cancer and radiation therapy.

Dr Chabner Thompson continually faced the challenge of support both physically and emotionally for her patients. She realized that tape and netting were not reproducible from one treatment to the next. Dr. Chabner Thompson also recognized that many patients could not tolerate the prone position for breast irradiation.  With these ideas in mind, she founded ChabnerXRT to bring innovative, cutting edge support garments for men and women undergoing radiation therapy, both external beam and brachytherapy.  The ChabnerXRT line of patented garments solves the problem of supporting the patient in a more geometrically favorable position and affording the patient, doctor and therapist dignity and privacy during treatment.